Like every year, Rocket League is gearing up for the annual Haunted Hallows event. However, this year things will be a little different as the game gets a special Stranger Things-themed crossover with loads of new cosmetics to earn. The new event should kick-off this week, on October 14th and will run until November 11th.

During the event, players of Rocket League will be able to earn a special ‘Candy Corn’ currency which can be spent on some new Stranger Things-inspired cosmetic goodies. Here’s a full list of the new cosmetic things you’ll be able to purchase from the Event store:

  • Camp Know Where Topper
  • Demogorgon Player Banner
  • DEMOgorgon Player Title
  • Hawaiian Hopper Decal
  • Scoops Ahoy Avatar Border
  • Starcourt Wheels
  • Stranger Things Boost

However, if you’re not interested in Stranger Things, alternatively you can spend your Candy Corn on other Halloween-themed stuff from previous Rocket League events.

We should also add that new cosmetic rewards won’t be the only new thing added to the game. Psyonix did a fantastic job and dressed up the iconic Farmstead Arena drawing inspiration from the Upside Down. Red skies and a giant Mind Flayer awaits!