This was a year when Riot Games became more than just a League of Legends developer. The company released a highly anticipated tactical shooter Valorant, organized the most popular esports event, and released a bunch of news about the upcoming story games. However, this is only the beginning. Riot Games are already talking about their next game and it seems to be ‘massive’.

Greg Streer, Riot Games’ vice president of IP and entertainment shared a Tweet that made all of the League of Legends fans go insane. Apparently, Riot Games is now working on a huge next project and hiring developers to join their ranks. Here’s the original Tweet:

While this tweet sure seems like an MMO tease, he later clarified it for all the shellshocked fans who thought they’ll never see this confirmed.

And that’s pretty much it… Nothing to see here. Riot Games is working on an MMO game (we have our fingers crossed that it’s in fact an MMORPG), they’re hiring developers in order to expand their team and that’s all you need to know. Since this is now official, we’re sure we’ll get more news about this project in 2021.

For now, let’s enjoy some memories from 2020: