For a few months in a row, the PlayStation Plus games list gets leaked prior to the official reveal. This time was no exception since some internet outlets were announcing that we’re getting Dark Souls and Dying Light. However, the latest leaks (or should we say lies) seemed to be pulled out of the thin air since a new set of free games isn’t even close to the initial suggestion. During May, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download Cities: Skylines and  Farming Simulator 19 for free.

Cities: Skylines

If you lived under a rock and never heard of Cities: Skylines, you should know that it’s a fantastic game boasting the highest rating out of all city-building, management games out there. While it’s not necessary fresh (the game came out for PC in 2015 and was released on consoles in 2017) it still hasn’t lost its charm. Even better – the developers from Colossal Order are still pumping out new updates and now Cities: Skylines has 12 DLCs released under its name – the latest Sunset Harbor landed in March.

Farming Simulator 19

While this might seem like a joke to some, Farming Simulator 19 is a quality game. It’s a staple simulation game where a player can enjoy the life of a farmer.  We can agree that the latest creation by Giants Software is fairly niche and certainly not for everyone, but hey… IT’S FREE! And prior to becoming free for a limited time, Farming Simulator 19 sold over 4 million copies worldwide, so it has to be good for something.

While these two new PS Plus titles might not be as popular or as appealing as Dark Souls or Dying Light, you should keep in mind that not everyone likes constant action on their screen. For what it’s worth, you still have a few days to grab the previous set of games including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and DiRT Rally 2.0. The games will swap on May 5th.