Two big news have been announced for the vast fanbase of Dead by Daylight, the co-op survival horror title released by Behaviour Interactive back in 2016. The creators have been keeping the game fresh with new content all these years since the release, keeping the spirit of DBD alive and thriving. The good news is that Behaviour Interactive is releasing a new DLC – Hellraiser. Pinhead is joining the hunt…

After the last several days of teasing about the new DLC, Behaviour Interactive finally confirms that the new add-on is Hellraiser-themed. Though we don’t know what survivors will be implemented in the newest Dead by Daylight DLC nor other information, we do know that the Cenobite is going to be the New Killer. Cenobites are extra-dimensional beings known from the Hellraiser series, brainwashed into torturing humans for all time. Not gonna lie, sounds like a solid New Killer choice there. Perhaps more information about the Hellraiser DLC will be revealed in the following weeks.

The next piece of news isn’t exactly the best. Behaviour Interactive is set to remove Stranger Things DLC from the store in November. This DLC formed the basis of the game’s chapter back in 2019 but it seems that it’s time to say goodbye to the Hawkins Laboratory map, characters Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, and The Demogorgon that’s going to be Demogone very soon. 

Netflix’s famous show Stranger Things has gathered a massive fanbase and after including a licensed DLC based on this show, Dead by Daylight witnessed an influx of excited fans ready to dive in the universe that authentically recreates the popular sci-fi horror series. Although the DLC was a solid base that made the chapter in DBD so successful, Behaviour Interactive has claimed that “with Stranger Things, our focus continues to be ensuring the legacy of these characters within our game for fans who have purchased them or plan to do so.” Well, sounds fair. Besides, they gave players some time to purchase the Stranger Things DLC if they haven’t yet and enjoy the characters even though the map is going to be removed from the game.

If you’re one of those that still haven’t bought the Stranger Things DLC and experienced the horrors first-hand, then grab it before it’s gone forever! For more officially licensed adventures in DBD, explore our Dead By Daylight DLC collection.