The annual Overwatch event called Summer Games finally kicked-off on Tuesday. Same as last year, the event features a bunch of new cosmetic rewards and an old-new game mode, Rocket League-style Lucioball. The event will conclude on August 5th.

The highlight of the event is Lucioball mode, which was praised by fans for years. Essentially, it is a Rocket League-style game, but instead of rocket cars, players play as Overwatch’s hero Lucio. Similar to last year, during the time of the event Lucioball will offer two modes – casual and competitive queues.

In addition to the beloved mode, Overwatch players will be able to participate in three weekly challenges and unlock exclusive weekly rewards. For the first week, players will be tasked to win 9 games in order to earn very special USA-themed Reaper skin. Week 2 will let players earn Zhongguo Mei while Week 3 will grant access to a new skin for Reinhardt. You can check out the rewards below.

In addition to all the new rewards, players will be able to get previous years’ cosmetics via special loot-boxes or through the in-game shop.