In an unexpected turn of events, Blizzard has decided to bring the new Overwatch in-game event a bit earlier. The new Overwatch Archives event supposed to be released next month (if we follow the usual schedule) but Blizzard turned it on right now.

For the first week of the event, players of Overwatch will be able to play through a beloved Overwatch Uprising – Tracer’s first mission in King’s Row where you’ll have to fight waves of Null Sector. However, in addition to old story content, you’ll be able to experience some new challenge missions giving some additional things to do while earning new loot boxes.

The second week will be dedicated to Overwatch Retribution, while the third is for Overwatch Storm Rising. Both of these events will have additional challenge missions to boost your weekly rewards.

Overwatch Archives is coming with a traditional batch of new cosmetics – skins, sprays, highlight intros. Furthermore, during the days of the event, there will be new weekly challenges awarding players for winning 3, 6 or 9 games in any mode in order to unlock some cosmetic goodies. 

During March 12-19 (the first week of the event) it’s Symmetra time, from March 19 until March 26 players will be awarded Torbjorn’s cosmetics while during the final week of the event which concludes in April 2nd, Mei cosmetics will be up for grabs.

If you’re staying at home in the coming weeks, be sure to remember Overwatch. It’s a great time to catch up on your progression. You can learn more about the event in the official page here,