If you’re already picking sides in the upcoming clash between Xbox and PlayStation, hold on for a moment. Nintendo might have its own horse in this race! According to a recent report, Nintendo is planning to release an upgraded version of Nintendo Switch console at some point in 2021, meaning that this time around console wars will be a three-way clash.

Rumors about the new Nintendo Switch console have been around for quite some time. However, the most recent report on Economic Daily News (a Taipei-based newspaper), which was translated by Video Game Chronicle, states that a new Nintendo Switch version is already in production. According to the news, the third version of Nintendo’s most popular console should be released in Q1 2021.

And it won’t be just another Switch Lite. Some industry analysts already dubbed this console like Nintendo Switch Pro and claim that it will feature way more powerful hardware, improved battery life, and other improved technical capabilities. According to rumors, Nintendo Switch Pro might be capable of running games in 4k which would be unheard of for a handheld device. It will also feature bigger cartridge sizes, opening up way more options for game developers.

To be honest, this wouldn’t be a big surprise. Nintendo Switch already shipped over 100 million consoles worldwide, so a new Switch version boasting better hardware seems like a smart move all around. Nintendo already features a bunch of exclusive games, there are also some leaks about the upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation, so everything seems to be in place for the big reveal.

However, at this point, there’s no official statement from the company, but this might change in a week or two. An upcoming Gamescom event would be a great time for Nintendo to land a punch to Microsoft and Sony, so we’re hopeful. While this announcement wouldn’t be ideal for Xbox Series X and  PlayStation 5 sales, customers will have more options to choose from. Seems like a win for all gamers! We’ll keep you posted…