Another one! A few months back we talked about Netflix’s plan to release a new anime movie based on the popular gaming title. Ni No Kuni movie is now closer than you think! The trailer on the Netflix page reveals that this new creation will land on the platform on January 16th.

Here’s the Japanese trailer, since we couldn’t find the English one:

We should add that the new Ni No Kuni anime movie was directed by none other than Yoshiyuki Momose who worked on both Ni No Kuni games, in addition to countless other animated movies. It’s also worth mentioning that the new anime won’t be retelling the story of the games and instead will focus on a different tale.

The movie launched in Japan last year and received a fair amount of praise. It follows the adventures of two friends who “go on a magical quest to save the life of their friend and her counterpart from another world. But Love complicates their journey.”

If by some chance you’ve never heard about Ni No Kuni, you should know that it’s one of the best JRPG games released by Bandai Namco Entertainment to date. We’ve even included Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom to our list of the TOP 5 anime games for PC. If you missed it, we suggest you check it out before the movie rolls out.