The report claims that Netflix is planning to expand its multimedia services by adding video games to the list, supposedly in the next year according to the official Bloomberg report. Mainly focused on films and TV shows, the world-famous streaming service decided to expand its horizons and include gaming as another available service for Netflix subscribers.

To carry out this integration project successfully, Netflix hires the executive from Electronic Arts and Facebook’s Oculus – Mike Verdu. He worked on Oculus virtual reality platform since 2019, while prior to that he gained plenty of experience working with other gaming companies such as  EA Mobile, Zynga, Atari, and more.

Netflix adding video games to their services would cause quite a shift in the gaming industry and may affect certain platforms. With competitors popping up left and right, Netflix has been looking for ways to grow and make sure it stays ahead, especially in such a competitive market like the US. Considering that gaming is one of the leading entertainment sectors in the world, it was only a matter of time before a giant like Netflix turned its away eyes towards video games.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix won’t be making a separate platform for its upcoming video games and will instead make them available alongside its shows and movies under their own category. Of course, it’s anticipated that the company will charge extra for those that want to game on the said platform. It’s exciting to see in the upcoming months how Netflix will handle this integration.

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