What comes in the NBA 2K20 Legend Edition?

We can probably all agree that the main incentive to buy various upgraded editions of the games is the goodies that come with them. And NBA 2K20 release will not disappoint! When you buy Legendary Edition of the game you will receive 100 000 of virtual currency as well as 50 000 MyTEAM points which you’ll be able to spend to improve your team. Additional 20 MyCAREER skill boosts will also be included. But probably one of the more visible rewards of the Legendary Edition is the provided style options. If you buy NBA 2K20 Legendary Edition, you will be given MyPLAYER clothing capsule, apparel, and shoe collections –  all you need to hit the courts in a fashionable manner.

There are also long-term rewards that will come with NBA 2K20 release. 20 MyTEAM League packs will make its way to your account with the system of one per week, prolonging your enjoyment! Once NBA season starts, you will gain 20 Heat Check packs, also following the once-per-week schedule. And as new theme packs appear, you will get one for the first five releases, giving you a total of 5 MyTEAM theme packs. And if all that is not enough, Legendary Edition will ensure you also receive 2 Sapphire MyTEAM cover athlete cards: Davis and Wade.

Who’s on the cover of 2K20 NBA?

This year’s NBA 2K20 release comes in two flavours. Standard and Deluxe Editions feature Anthony Davis, a great and already world-famous player who made his mark in real-life NBA and will surely rock the digital court as well! The Legendary Edition also features a true Legend! Dwyane Wade is a brilliant player who graced NBA plays for close to sixteen years. And with his retirement after the 2018-19 season, it is only fitting that the special edition of NBA 2K20 portrays him on the cover! While Wade will not play in the official league anymore, you can always add him to your digital roster with the unique NBA 2K20 release – after all, it’s as they say: Legends never die.

What do you get for pre-ordering 2K20 NBA?

While the bonuses for Legendary edition were discussed above, we also have to cover the ones for the Deluxe too. First things first: with Deluxe you will also gain additional funds, only in a slightly lesser degree: 35 000 virtual currency and 10 000 MyTEAM points, which will still give you a sizeable upper hand during your play. This edition comes with 10 MyCAREER skill boosts to help you climb the ladder faster, as well as MyPLAYER clothing capsule to make you stand out! With NBA 2K20 release, 10 MyTEAM League packs will be delivered once per week along with 5 Heat Check packs, when the NBA season starts. And as a cherry on the cupcake, you will be given 1 Sapphire MyTEAM cover athlete card, designed to strengthen your team and lead you closer to victory.

What is new in NBA 2K20?

It is safe to assume that as the newest game in the series, NBA 2K20 will present some certain changes and additional reworks, some small and some big: from graphics to gameplay tweaks to  adjusted mechanics, but there is one giant notable addition to NBA 2K20 release (and the entire established franchise) and that is WNBA. And we do not mean several teams and a dozen players. No, NBA 2K20 went all out and included all of the 12 official teams, consisting of more than 140 players. The integration of WNBA will begin with a smaller scale, encompassing only Play Now and Season modes. At least for the moment of release, the women players will not be available in the custom team building.

Is there going to be a 2K20 NBA demo?

Yes, the publisher released the demo version of the game on August 20, 2019. It came as a surprise for the fans of NBA 2K20, release of the announcement (if you can call it that) came from twitter, and it has taken the fans by surprise, yet it was such welcome news that no one was left disappointed. Best of all, the demo is free, and you don’t need to pre-order anything to play it since it was designed specifically to show how the game looks and let the public decide whether they want to buy the game on its release.

Can you play MyCareer in the 2K20 demo?

Unfortunately, the demo version of the game is, understandably, not the full game (official NBA 2K20 release is already here!) and thus contains only slight portions of some of the features. Designed to entice gamers and fans alike, the demo allows you to play around with the character creation. You can scan your face and make an avatar of yourself, or you can create a character from the available options. After the look, there are choices of the character’s skills, dominant hand and other bits and pieces. You may test out variations of specializations and the best part is that should you buy the full game, your player will be available in the game. With NBA 2K20 release hitting our screens today we hope you’ve already had your fun with the demo!

Final thoughts

All in all, 2K20 offer a wide array of entertaining features, some on which you will see for the first time in the series, such as WNBA. It’s certainly a step to the right direction and can open whole new doors to the potential fanbase. And if you wish to experience the best the game has to offer, consider grabbing one of the special editions. You will not only get a boost to your account after NBA 2K20 release, but there will also be little gifts coming to you for some time after the purchase, due to the long-term reward systems. Promising to deliver the best possible basketball experience, 2K20 is set to redefine the genre and further prove why the franchise is reigning in the industry. So, consider grabbing yourself a copy of the game, since all three versions to NBA 2K20 are already available for purchase right on our store.