If you thought that Mortal Kombat 11 is done, think again… While NetherRealm Studios released all they promised with additional DLC fighters this doesn’t mean that the developers are done with the story of the game.

A new teaser trailer landed on the game’s YouTube channel. The video is titled “The Epic Saga Continues” which is a revelation in itself. However, the teaser says that we’ll get a full-fledged reveal of the new story DLC sometime later today. Check it out:

Did you notice it? Shand Tsung is not alone in there. He’s being flanked by two shadowy figures we currently know nothing about. Could this be some type of new fighters we’re getting in addition to the story? We bet it is! What kind of game update would it be without any additional characters to the roster?

In any case, we hope to learn more about this new update as soon as the evening comes. We’ll share all the juicy details and (hopefully) the release date for the new DLC.

Mortal Kombat 11 is released for PC and consoles. You can snag a copy of your own for less on our store.