Mortal Kombat 11 was released a couple of months ago but until this day the game didn’t have its online ranked mode. This is about to change with a new update called Kombat League. In it, players will be able to hop online and not only get their asses handed to them by a random stranger, but also, finally get to compete against opponents on a similar skill level.

According to a report, Kombat League will be a seasonal ranked mode which will run in 4-week-long cycles. Additionally, there won’t be any downtime – as soon as one cycle ends, players will be able to claim their rewards and start another one. Rewards will include some exclusive in-game cosmetics for your favorite characters.

Currently, NetherRealm Studios announced 9 different skill tiers in the Kombat League. Players with the lowest skill will start at the Apprentice level and will be able to move up till they reach Mortal Kombat 11 elite tier, called Elder God. The latest will likely be filled with pro players that can juggle your character’s body without breaking a sweat.

Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat League should be added to the game over the course of this week. The update will be free and will debut on all platforms simultaneously.