If you were curious about some numbers regarding the latest Monter Hunter World DLC called Iceborne, you’ll be pleased to know that the latest content addition is super popular. According to Capcom, the latest game expansion, as of this moment, has sold over five million units worldwide, meaning that there’s plenty of hunters roaming the game world even years after the initial release of Monster Hunter World.

In case you didn’t know, Monter Hunter World: Iceborne was released on consoles back in September. However, it made its way to the PC platform only this January. PC players helped to surpass the milestone making Iceborne one of the most successful DLCs in gaming. Next month, PC and console schedule synchronization should be over, so more new content updates might be coming up shortly.

In light of this news, Monster Hunter World keeps on growing as a franchise.  Adding these 5 million to the whole number, Monster Hunter games now currently sits at 62 million units sold worldwide.

Capcom, however, wants to reach higher and hopes to boost its franchise even more. There’s a Monster Hunter movie in the works which is scheduled for September release later this year. We wrote about it in detail in our previous blog post.

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