Minecraft is off to a galaxy far, far away. The developers announced a new DLC for their popular sandbox game Minecraft themed around another popular franchise Star Wars. This new update coincides with the return of the popular The Mandalorian, Season 2, and should help to promote this show to the player community.

Here’s a trailer introducing the new DLC:

Minecraft new DLC contents

The new Star Wars DLC includes: 

  • SW themed skin pack 
  • Texture set 
  • New UI 
  • Licensed soundtracks 
  • Awesome reskins 

However, the most interesting feature coming to the game with this new pack is a special map that showcases builds from three Star Wars movies and The Mandalorian TV show. Here’s what the official description states:

“It’s your turn to put your hair up in two perfect buns because the Minecraft Star Wars DLC has landed on our humble planet! Specifically, in the Minecraft Marketplace. The pack includes content from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Mandalorian, so we had to spread out all the galactical goodness across 12 different planet dioramas.”

The whole thing will cost you 1,340 Minecoins meaning that the most dedicated Minecraft players might be able to pick it up almost for free. And in case you need some additional coins, be sure to check out our store for the best prices. 

May the Force be with you!