The developers behind one of the biggest games of 2020 – Microsoft Flight Simulator – decided to start a new year with a nice surprise. The team released a new game update that introduces real-time snow as a new feature of the game.

While we have an official Microsoft Flight Simulator’s content release roadmap, there was no mention of the snow. The last entry was Microsoft Flight Simulator’s VR support and the next one was supposed to be an overhaul of the United Kingdom (this overhaul is scheduled for January 28th). So, the snow was just a nice little (trust us – it’s not little at all) feature that was supposed to be a surprise for all the MFS community.

According to the developers, real-time snow will have some effects on the gameplay as well as the view outside your plane’s window. However, the latter detail will be more noticeable as suggested in the official feature trailer:

While we shouldn’t expect any dramatic changes to the gameplay during a snowstorm, it’s still a nice addition to the game that elevated the realism of the Microsoft Flight Simulator even more. Having in mind the fact that most of us cannot travel due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a nice way to visit some of your desired places and see how they look during the winter season.

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