Automation Games, the developer behind a recently announced 1000-player PC battle royale game Mavericks: Proving Grounds, is no more. According to a post on the game’s site, the team is ceasing all the development due to insufficient funding.

The post reads:

Please be advised that due to insufficient funding, the development of the Mavericks: Proving Grounds game has now ceased. The joint administrators are in the process of licensing the Deceit game so there will be no change in the live operation and provision of this game.

The news came out of the blue since the game had a playable alpha version at E3 2019. According to previous development roadmap, Mavericks: Proving Grounds next milestone was a public beta in November.

As for the other popular Automation Games free-to-play title, Deceit, it’s still available on Steam. The administrators said they are currently working on a licensing deal for the game, presumably with a different company.