Ready to celebrate Halloween? Along with the arrival of this spooky holiday, you can expect the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release, a very fitting event considering the occasion. Not all video games that feature supernatural or eerie thematic must be gory and violent (even though those elements provide their own form of amusement), especially if you consider playing the game with very young kids around. 

With Luigi’s Mansion 3 the whole family can enjoy an adventure with quite a spooky atmosphere. This provides the right mood for the Halloween’s evening without escalating into an outright blood bath like it usually does with many other games. Not familiar with the series or maybe you are simply interested in what the new installment has to offer? Today we’ll cover the most frequently asked questions surrounding the new title.  

When is the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release date?

The newest installment in Luigi’s Mansion series will come out exactly on time for Halloween – October 31st. Therefore, if you’re organizing a party, you are free to include Luigi’s Mansion 3’s preorder into your Halloween’s evening plans.

What is Luigi’s Mansion 3 about?

Just as the title implies, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the third installment in the Luigi’s Mansion adventure-platformer series. We know that Luigi is Mario’s younger brother and his sidekick from the Super Mario games featuring the famous Nintendo mascot. With Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release we will see the third game in the series where Luigi is the protagonist.

The game’s narrative features Luigi, Mario and all their friends (classic Nintendo characters) visiting a hotel for a holiday. Soon enough it turns out that this is not just a regular place to rest. Everyone gets kidnapped and Luigi must face the supernatural forces inhabiting the hotel – yep, the facility is haunted by ghosts! Players will have to make their way up from the first floor of the hotel and reach the very top floor.

Each floor presents a separate level with a unique theme, different puzzles, and exceptionally impressive boss fights. Therefore, one could say that upon Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release, we will get to immerse in a game that can be described as an adventurous and more kid-friendly version of Ghost Busters. Trick or treating when your friends’ lives are at stake? It sounds like the right kind of challenge.

Who is developing Luigi’s Mansion 3?

The latest adventure of the cowardly hero is brought to us by the developer Next Level Games with a Japanese video game designer Kensuke Tanabe being the producer of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and, of course, with no surprise the game is published by none other than Nintendo.

Will the game release on platforms other than Switch?

So far, we will only see a Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release. Currently, there are no plans to release the game on any other platforms. However, both the very first game in the series – Luigi’s Mansion, released in 2001 and its sequel, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, that launched in 2013, was later on reworked, remastered, and presented to the world anew.

Will Luigi’s Mansion 3 have multiplayer?

Indeed, it will! Luigi’s Mansion 3 will once again feature two-player local co-op modes that can be engaged on a single Nintendo Switch console or multiple connected consoles. You’ll also be able to play the game online! Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release will include Luigi’s jelly clone Gooigi. Playing Gooigi provides you with even more fun (and not only if you’re into jelly clones).

In the co-op mode, Player 2 will assume the role of Gooigi, who is composed of green goo and can slip through narrow slits, bars, and spikes. At the same time, Gooigi is extremely vulnerable to water. You can switch between Luigi and Gooigi when playing solo or let the Player 2 take control of Gooigi if you are playing as Luigi yourself.

How many players can play Luigi’s Mansion 3 at once?

Two players will be able to join forces per one Nintendo Switch console, however, if there are more Switch consoles on sight – up to 8 players using 4 Nintendo Switch consoles can rock the house and hunt them ghosts in an all-out blast-off. If there are no additional consoles around, you can also gather additional players online.

How many multiplayer modes Luigi’s Mansion 3 has?

On Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release, players will be able to participate in both cooperative and competitive multiplayer. In the case of a cooperative multiplayer (ScareScraper), a team of up to 8 players will have to accomplish various objectives, usually within a time limit. During the competitive multiplayer (ScreamPark) two opposing player teams consisting of multiple Luigies and Googies respectively will compete for a higher score. Nintendo has also confirmed that more multiplayer options should be added through future DLC.

Are there any special requirements for the multiplayer mode to work?

Just like with any Nintendo Switch game with a multiplayer mode you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to join online parties. And that’s definitely not a problem since we offer quite the price for these Nintendo eShop memberships, right on our store!

What new features will be included in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release? 

In the newest Luigi’s Mansion installment both Luigi and Gooigi will use the upgraded Poltergust G-00 equipment to fight ghosts by performing new vacuum-based moves such as Slam, a ground-based melee attack and Suction Shot, a furniture clearing ability. Additionally, characters will be able to break doors, nullify shields from certain ghost types and use Burst – which propels Luigi (or Gooigi) into the air and in turn provides the player with vertical movements.

Will Luigi’s Mansion 3 have Portrait ghosts?

The veterans of older games in the series might wonder if we’ll see the return of Portrait Ghosts from the original game. And indeed, Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release will feature the Portrait Ghosts! For those who are not familiar, Portrait Ghosts are rating system challenges that can be completed by defeating certain ghosts and then imprisoning them within the paintings that they once inhabited and later escaped. After the task is completed, the respective painting will get a special frame depending on how well Luigi performed in battle.

Celebrate Halloween in a haunted hotel!

What makes the Luigi’s Mansion series interesting, especially for hardcore Nintendo fans, is that it explores the character of Luigi as a protagonist and provides him with a personal adventure and identity. Luigi is not just Mario’s shadow or a mere sidekick – this title portrays it to perfection. Therefore, don’t miss the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Switch release and be one of the first to witness this great expansion to the pantheon of Nintendo games. Grab Luigi’s Mansion 3 at our store and celebrate Halloween in a haunted hotel with a scaredy-cat plumber, his jelly duplicate and their imprisoned friends from a hefty variety of your favorite Nintendo games!