Ubisoft‘s take on battle royale – Hyper Scape – is already in full swing. The game is wrapping up its second season and developers are already planning ahead. The recent developer update revealed that the team behind the game won’t ignore the community feedback and will add a bunch of features that were requested by the fans. Among these, there’s a new console crossplay option allowing players to play games between different consoles.

The new update should land on the game’s servers on December 10th and will allow players to create game lobbies with Xbox and PlayStation players. This should improve console queue times. However, PC players won’t be able to join random console lobbies and will only be eligible to do so if their friend invites them to one. According to developers, this way console community will be protected from random cheaters (the PC community has a lot of those lately) while not entirely isolating PC players from all the fans who play Hyper Scape on a console.

The new update will add a bunch of other things too. The new update aims to overhaul some of Hyper Scape’s core game modes and adds a lot of new stuff to the recently added Team Deathmatch – new maps, new challenges, and so on. You can learn about all the changes in the second Hyper Scape’s Lab Update provided by game’s senior producer Graeme Jennings and game director Thomas Simon:

It will be interesting to see how these changes shape the future of the game. Hyper Scape is currently released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and next-generation consoles – Ubisoft wants Hyper Scape to make a go-to free-to-play game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, so we’ll see if they’ll succeed in their task.