If you’re amongst the people who still play Hitman 2, time to get excited. IO interactive just posted its new dev-log which revealed the upcoming game content for April. In a short video, game’s community manager Clemens E. Koch introduces new ways to play the game and reveals that the developer is striving to keep the game fresh with new things coming to the Hitman 2 every week.

To begin, IO Interactive has revealed the Mumbai Challenge Pack which is already available across all game’s platforms. By completing all the challenges you’ll be able to earn a special Magnesium Pouch. April 12th marks the date of a new Legacy Elusive Target called “The Prince”. He’ll be visiting Sapienza for 10 days, so you’ll have plenty of time to figure out ways to kill him. Probably more than once.

On April 17th a new featured contract, called “Ghost Busters”, will make its way to the game. This will be followed up by a new escalation event, titled “The Nolan Disinfection”, which will debut on April 25th. Lastly, IO Interactive plans to end the month with a bang by introducing a new Ghost Map set in Santa Fortuna location.

As you can see, the developers of Hitman 2 are far from finished with the game, so in case you haven’t played it in a while, April is a good month to get back in action. You can purchase the Hitman 2 game straight from our Eneba store for less.