After the success of Pokemon GO, Niantic has been hard at work with the new augmented reality game set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is finally wrapping up its testing period and is set to launch in two biggest regions (US and UK) on June 21st.

While the game was already available to download in all countries, the majority of players are based in the US and of course the UK, home of Harry Potter. However, it’s only the beginning. June 21st marks the official start and Niantic promised to launch the game in more regions soon after.

Having in mind the popularity of Harry Potter franchize we might expect this game to become a new worldwide hit. Previous titles created by Niantic, including Ingress and Pokemon GO, are very popular to this date, so casting spells and capturing magical creatures in augmented reality might attract even more players than the previous titles.

Only time will tell if Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will live up to its predecessors. The game will be free to download for Android and iOS devices.