PC players have another reason to celebrate as one more Halo game releases on PC later next week. Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC is almost complete with Halo 4 joining the collection on November 17th.

Owners of this Halo: The Master Chief Collection or those who will purchase Halo 4 separately can expect some great changes. 343 Industries announced that players will be able to play Halo 4 in 4K Ultra HD resolution, at least 60 frames per second, ultrawide screen support, and a variety of other customization options PC players are used to.

In addition, the developers announced that Halo 4 on PC will feature a ‘fully remastered campaign’ and released a trailer to show all the good stuff we can expect from it. Check it out:

Of course, the main draw of Halo 4 on PC is the game’s multiplayer mode which reportedly will launch with 25 maps, an updated armor customization system, Forge and Theater. There are also some new co-op missions called Spartan Ops so if you don’t like playing against other players, you can join your buddies and play against AI.

Another thing that’s worth a mention is that Halo 4 on PC arrives on the same day as Halo: The Master Chief Collection lands on Xbox Series X. This version of the game has even higher visual fidelity boasting 4K resolution (only on Series X), 120 fps, and split-screen improvements. This next-generation upgrade will be free to all existing game owners as well as Xbox Game Pass subscribers.