Ghostrunner is an interesting action-platforming game that was received fairly well by PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One gamers. After a few additional weeks of wait, Nintendo Switch players can also mark their calendars. Ghostrunner on the Nintendo Switch will be released on November 10th, this year!

If you’ve never seen Ghostrunner in action, you should know that it’s a game where a player controls a sword-wielding assassin, trying to catch up with the mysterious Keymaster. While this might sound a bit boring, we can assure you that is anything but that. Take a look:

ALL iN! Games and 505 Games said that while the Nintendo Switch version will have a slightly lower resolution in order to accommodate the game on the tiny screen, it will have some advantages too. Nintendo Switch version of Ghostrunner is designed to take advantage of the technology of the console with optimized controls that deliver a smooth experience and gameplay – that includes various triggers, console tilting, touch screen, and so on. Developers also said that this was particularly complicated to do right and that’s the main reason why this version was delayed in the first place.

Finally, we should also mention that Ghostrunner will also be released for the next generation consoles. Ghostrunner for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S should debut sometime in 2021. It’s also worth noting that PS4 and Xbox One version owners will be able to upgrade their games for free.

If you never played it, we really recommend it. It will surely help you wait for that highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 release…