It’s arguably one of the most known game franchises in the entire gaming scene. There are players that curse on it, and there is the great majority that loves it. One thing is certain, the game includes that special something that captivates your attention whether you want it, or not. Yes, we are talking about the Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar Games, and Grand Theft Auto V in particular.

However, today’s spotlight is intending to neither upraise the famous title any higher, nor to brag about some of its obvious shortcomings. Today’s all about the player, and what should a GTA series-loving player do, once the game starts getting a bit too familiar, or in other words, loses its magic! Fear not friends, the gaming scene spreads far and wide, and there are certainly other games like GTA V out there in the horizon! Today’s all about some of our favourites.

And just before you start glancing through the ‘likeness to GTA realm’, we humbly remind that you are most welcome to acquire any of the games listed below on our Eneba marketplace! GTA series included!

Sleeping Dogs

This action-adventure piece released by Square Enix back in 2012 has an uncanny resemblance to the GTA framework, however, even with the similar framework, the game manages to create a drastically unique feel to it, and the resemblance sort of fades out the further into the game you go.

Games like GTA V must have weapons, cars, fighting, action, untamed freedom, and an open-world where these traits can be put into good use, and Sleeping Dogs meets the requirements to perfection! You have your undercover righteous protagonist, your triad gangs, your open-world Hong Kong setting, your arsenal of cannons and a set of sweet jaw-breaking moves!

Of course, there are role-playing elements based on three types of XP which blend perfectly with the whole game’s idea! Commit crimes, drink in bars, and sing karaoke, all while you try to bend the triads organization to their knees! It’s fun, it’s twisted, it’s immersive and entertaining, just as games like GTA series should be!

Saints Row IV

Think of Saints Row IV as GTA on hallucinogenic substances and steroids. This Volition developed and Deep Silver published action-adventure game can be compared to a great many of things, does it fit our games like GTA V suggestion list? It most certainly does, although it’s on an entirely different level.

Let’s start with the fact that your controlled protagonist is the President of the United States. Sounds awesome right? Not if your number one concern is the upcoming alien invasion! Furthermore, for most of the game you’ll get involved in the simulated reality environments, alternative intelligence shenanigans and nightmare entrapments!

Games like GTA V have some qualities to meet. Saints Row IV has these qualities and adds superpowers, LOTS OF THEM. Also, weird weapons, bizarre abilities, an open-world to test your every idea in. While it may sound a bit over the top, the truth must be spoken, Saints Row IV is probably one of the most immersive games of all time, and the uncanny narrative only makes it more special!

Just Cause 4

We are not comparing which one is better, we are just saying that these games have some similarities, and if you did like GTA, there are some insanely awesome games just like GTA. Just Cause 4 is one of these awesome gems that shines with a bang. Developed by Avalanche Studios and released by Square Enix back in 2018 December, this tale is still as fresh as it can get!

Are you familiar with the works of Michael Bay? While the guy didn’t play any part in the makings of Just Cause 4, the title carries an unprecedented resemblance to one of the director’s main features. And that feature is; the captivating visuals when it comes to stuff getting blasted apart. Visually gratifying explosions are Just Cause’s trademark, and this piece certainly doesn’t feel lacking!

Games like GTA are awesome to play because they carry an indefinite amount of freedom within. Sure, the narrative is important, and the missions are immersive and interesting, but the whole point of these titles is to allow the player to make his own choices, and provide as much freedom to do so, as it is digitally possible. Just Cause 4 strikes a bulls-eye with this one, and it’s a must in every player’s library!

Red Dead Redemption 2

We’ve written about this piece, more than once, and once again it has found a way into yet another of our lists. And that is for a well-deserved reason, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an extraordinary piece, and what do you know, it’s a Rockstar Games baby! It’s rather expected that the creators of one of the most captivating games of all time developed yet another piece destined for greatness.

It’s very likely that in 5-years’ time you’ll be reading an article with a title ‘games like RDR2’ instead of ‘games like GTA’, but for now let’s just admire the game for what it is! This old-western tale set back in 1900, Western part of the USA, captivates with detail, and the extraordinary quality of every single element in the game.

The game has a fantastic storyline, an open-world as reactive and immersive as the nowadays-technologies allow, characters unique beyond belief, and the replayability value that far exceeds even that of some most current releases. We shouldn’t even bother saying that RDR2 is a must-play, but here we are writing about it once more, and here we are still playing it non-stop.

L.A. Noire

This is a no-brainer for most. L.A. Noire is yet another of Rockstar Games titles, and by now it’s rather clear that whenever Rockstar Games will reveal their newest idea, we kind of know what to expect. Excellence is the right word to describe this action-adventure game released back in 2011.

Games like GTA, by no means are GTA. This piece incorporates elements of film noir stylistic genre, which was widely popular in movies back in the ’40s and ’50s. The game is set in 1947 Los Angeles setting, and it captures the feel of that period perfectly. The game was also one of the first to use the ‘MotionScan’ technology which allowed to capture real actors’ facial expressions and incorporate them in-game.

This detective fiction game portrays a gloomy, colourless, and deviant picture of LA, along with its corrupted environments, wretched characters, and morally-ambiguous topics. Games like GTA are not always about running and gunning and this piece is a perfect fit for a more refined player searching for something unique and extraordinary.