One game – one community. That’s the philosophy that Psyonix has been trying to adopt for years since the successful launch of their hit game Rocket League. Finally, this idea has become into reality as the game developer rolled out cross-platform play support across all game platforms – Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Up until this point, Rocket League had a cross-play option with PC, however other consoles were not included in the fold.

Sony, together with Psyonix added Rocket League to PlayStation 4’s cross-play beta program, an initiative which launched last September and was hugely influenced by Fortnite’s community outcry. Psyonix was hinting that they were working to get a similar deal for Rocket League in their 2018 roadmap.

The new update will reach gamers together with the first content update of 2019. What’s more to come together with this is still unknown.