We already knew that the World War Z game was soon to get its free DLC, in the form of a brand new Tokyo mission and monster. While this DLC should be released sometime in May, the studio behind the game also revealed that there’s even more free content in store for the future.

Yesterday, World War Z game’s Twitter account posted a new picture revealing Season One free-updated roadmap which reveals some details. In addition to the new Tokyo mission, during the next three months, World War Z game will get a new zombie type, extreme difficulty setting, new ‘Weekly Challenge’ game mode and, of course, new weapons and skins.

But that’s only for Season One. In addition to all these goodies, Saber Interactive has some additional plans to release even more free updates once the initial three months have passed. According to sources, the developer wants to introduce some overall quality of life improvements such as graphical improvements, the ability to switch classes during PvPvZ matches, the field of view update, and more.

However, according to the developer, the main thing the team is focusing on right now is fixing the game’s bugs. We won’t deny that on launch World War Z game had plenty of issues, but some hotfixes already rolled out. The team says that they’re dedicated to fixing the game and it shows – a dedicated patch for PlayStation 4 players already managed to fix some of the most pressing issues. PC and Xbox One are soon to follow.

Despite some bugs, World War Z seems to be a brilliant game ant its early sales numbers show that. If you wish to hop into the world plagued by the zombie apocalypse, check out our special deal for the game.