If you played Fortnite during the past couple of days you might’ve noticed an interesting change. Fortnite’s Chapter 2 map is now covered in snow and features some really heavy blizzards popping up on random locations.

While the snowy theme of the map is a usual thing during the winter season in Fortnite, blizzards are something new. By playing the game (in almost any game mode) you might get hit by a snowstorm which covers a portion of the map and clouds player’s visibility for a limited time. This means that it’s hard to see more than a few feet away in open areas which is a fun gameplay alteration.

However, like with all small changes in a game, players of Fortnite are already looking for a greater meaning for it all. If anyone finds anything, please let us know, but for now, it seems like blizzards are just a minor flavorful detail which gives players some new options to play the game.

For now, it’s hard to say if blizzards will lead up to something bigger or will stay as it is until the end of the winter season which should conclude in February. Whatever the case, blizzards are making the gameplay of Fortnite more dynamic. Even if it’s just for a limited time.