Like there was any other possible scenario. The biggest video game on our planet will be re-released on next-generation consoles. According to the Epic Games, Fortnite is currently being prepared for the holiday season and should be available to play on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, right on the console launch day. However, the tricky part is that neither of these consoles has a launch date confirmed.

According to the information, after the initial launch, Fortnite will change gradually. In our previous post, we’ve mentioned that Epic Games revealed their new Unreal Engine 5, but the current version of Fortnite is built upon Unreal Engine 4. After the new graphics engine will be fully ready, Fortnite should be rebuilt with new tech. This will be done sometime in 2021.

If you started to wonder that the next-gen versions might not be the same, worry not! Fortnite for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will allow you to play with the same account, continue the same progression, play the same game with other buddies via cross-platform, and more. The only thing that will be new is the possibility to have better graphics in the future.

And yeah… Fortnite is the first fully confirmed PlayStation 5 title.