Seems like Ubisoft is not ready to forget their multiplayer melee fighter game For Honor. A recent update by the developers revealed their plans for the third year of the game content called the Year of Harbinger.  According to the recent deep dive video, the company plans to do things a little differently this time around.

The third year of the game once again will have four seasons. The first one, Vortinger, will run until the end of April, the second one will begin in May and will run till July, third – from August to October, and the fourth will begin in December. As always, a special event is planned for the Halloween.

The first (and current) season has already introduced some changes with the major ones being: a new heavy hero called The Black Prior which is armed with shield and a longsword and a new map called The Harbor. The new update also includes some well-needed hero reworks to the Shoguki, Warlord, and Peacekeeper.

Looking ahead, the third year of For Honor will bring even more changes. New heroes – Samurai, Viking, Wu Lin will be coming to the game in the upcoming seasons along with some additional maps, gear, and other cool content.