When we scour the internet on our mission to find the best gaming deals, sometimes we stumble upon a great price for a certain game. However, usually, these deals are limited in quantity and until this point, we didn’t have a way to get them to you in time. This is about to change as we’re enabling our new feature – Eneba Flash Sales.

While we did some tests previously, we are finally ready to get this thing going on a regular basis. We hope to bring a new Eneba Flash Sale at random times and bring at least 3 insanely good deals which will rotate every 30 minutes. These games will be limited in quantity, so the fastest gamers win! 

If by some chance (unlikely, yet theoretically possible) we won’t clear our stock during our Flash Sale hours, the game in question might return for another go sometime during the spawn of a single Eneba Flash Sale.

There’s always a chance that the three featured game deals won’t be interesting to you, but in order to give you time to prepare, we’ll also be showing 3 upcoming titles going on sale in the next 30 minutes. So, if you’ll see a game you want to pick up for a lot less, you can set your alarm.

We hope to make Eneba Flash Sales a weekly thing and kick off a new round of epic deals every Friday and Saturday. Curious to begin? Then this hint is for you: be sure to check out Eneba.com on Friday evening…