If you like MMORPG games, you know that Final Fantasy 14 is one of the biggest and the best there is. This weekend Square Enix hosted a special Announcement Showcase for Final Fantasy 14 where the developers shared some news about the future of the game. Apparently, the game is getting a new expansion called Endwalker, adding a lot of new content to the game. Furthermore, the game is already gearing up for the next-gen release and should begin the PS5 beta test in the coming months.

In case you want to see and hear everything for yourself, be sure to check out the full Announcement Showcase for Final Fantasy 14 below. If you want to save some time and just learn about the most important details from the show, read on.

Let’s start with a new expansion – Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. During the reveal, we received a new cinematic teaser which revealed a couple of important details. Endwalker should close out the story of the Hydaelyn saga where players will reclaim Ishgard. During your playthrough, you will encounter plenty of new quests that will help you achieve a new level cap that was raised from 80 to 90. In addition, developers said after completing the Ishagard restoration, players will be able to purchase housing there – this option will come with a later 6.1 patch.

Additionally, Final Fantasy 14 developers revealed that Endwalker will bring two new jobs. One of them is currently a secret, but developers revealed that it will be a melee DPS-oriented job. The other was revealed during the showcase, a healer, Sage. Check it out in action in a video below:

While most of the Announcement Showcase for Final Fantasy 14 was dedicated to the other minor details and features of the Endwalker expansion by the end of the stream we got some other awesome news. Square Enix is getting ready for the next-gen console release and bringing Final Fantasy 14 to PlayStation 5. The developers said that Final Fantasy 14 on PS5 will have better visuals while gamers will be able to choose between a 4K resolution mode and a 1440p resolution mode that boasts a higher frame rate. PS5 version will also feature much faster loading speeds, better performance stability, and overall visual enhancements.

However, Final Fantasy 14 on PS5 is still some time off. The developers said that the game will enter an open beta period on April 13th. The same date marks the release of the final Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers patch that should set up the story leading into Endwalker. We hope to learn more about the Endwalker release date by that time.

If this announcement captured your interest and you wish to learn more about the game and its story, there’s still plenty of time to catch up with the community. Endwalker is still some time away, so if you’re planning to give it a try, be sure