Fall Guys is a very popular game nowadays – just recently, Mediatonic shared that over the first week the game sold over 2 million copies on Steam. And this number is getting bigger every minute since Fall Guys is super huge on PlayStation 4 and Twitch as well. However, with that many players, there always are a few bad apples. Players started noticing hackers in their games, so the developers had to react. Mediatonic has swung their hammer and issued the first wave of bans in this highly competitive battle royale game… I dunno why but this sentence makes us laugh. 

According to a recent Tweet by the developers, Mediatonic improved their detection tools and witnessed a huge drop in cheaters. We guess that the only thing Mediatronic had to change is to more closely monitor the time during which the player completes a level.

However, the number of banned cheaters wasn’t specified which might mean that the number is super huge or quite the opposite – it’s so small that it doesn’t matter anyway. In any case, it’s nice to see that Mediatonic is doing their part in cleaning up the game.

We should also add that the developers are already gearing up towards the next phase. While Mediatonic is tinkering with Fall Guys current levels, adding its first new one, and preparing to launch the game on other platforms as well, some of the team is already working with a new level creation tool which should make Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout even bigger (and hopefully better). However, these things might take a while – Sony has exclusive rights at least for the time being (Fall Guys is free this month with PlayStation Plus), and the ongoing pandemic might not help developers to implement more new content into the game.

Anyway, the future seems sweet and colorful. If by some chance Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout fell under your radar, be sure to check it out. We also have a Fall Guys guide to get you started.