Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) doesn’t need any introduction. It’s a premier event in the gaming industry and the place where major gaming companies and publishers announce their future games. E3 2019 is coming closer, but there’s still some time to prepare. To make your preparation process as comfortable as possible, we’ve compiled an ultimate E3 list with all the dates, times, and links on where to watch it.

EA Play

EA Play starts on Friday and it will host a huge variety of games, though entirely skipping its big all-in-one conference. Instead, Electronic Arts are replacing the all-in-one show with numerous streams running from June 8th to 9th with a lot of spare time in between which is surely reserved for some unexpected new games. Here’s the full schedule of planned live streams:

Saturday, June 8th

9:15am PDT / 12.15pm EDT / 5.15pm BST: Countdown to EA PLAY

9:30am / 12.30pm EDT / 5.30pm BST: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

10:00am / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST: Apex Legends

10:30am / 1.30pm EDT / 6.30pm BST: Battlefield V

11:00am / 2pm EDT / 7pm BST: FIFA 20

11:30am / 2.30pm EDT / 7.30pm BST: Madden NFL  20

12:00pm / 3pm EDT / 8pm BST: The Sims 4

Surely, more will come as the event approaches. Be sure to keep an eye out on the official EA YouTube and Twitch channels.


Xbox E3 briefing is always a sight to behold. Having in mind the fact that PlayStation is skipping the 2019 event, we can expect Xbox to drop some serious bombs. Who knows – we might even get a first look at their next-gen console.

The conference starts on Sunday, June 9th, at 13:00 PT / 16:00 ET / 21:00 BST. You can watch it on Xbox YouTube and Twitch channels as well as Mixer app.

Devolver Digital

Technically it’s not even a conference but Devolver Digital showcase is a sight to behold. We’ve already written about the reasons to get excited. All you need to do now is show up.

Devolver Digital E3 press conference is scheduled for Sunday, June 9 | 19:00 PT / 20:00 ET / 01:00 BST. You can watch it live via Twitch.


Last year, Bethesda announced plenty of new games, however, this year might be a bit different. Last year we’ve got our first look at The Elder Scrolls 6 as well as their new title Starfield, so we can expect the company to talk a bit more about these two games. Additionally, there’s a great deal of anticipation surrounding Doom: Eternal which will probably get its time under the spotlight as well.

Bethesda conference starts on Monday, June 10, 17:30 PT / 20:30 ET / 01:30 BST. It will be streamed live on Bethesda’s YouTube and Twitch channels, Bethesda’s social media accounts.

PC Gaming Show

For the fifth time in a row, PC Gamer will host its own E3 show dedicated exclusively for PC games. It usually features a lot of new indie games and an occasional hardware reveal. If you love gaming on your PC (why wouldn’t you?) you cannot miss it.

PC Gaming Show is scheduled for Monday, June 10th, 10:00 PT / 13:00 ET / 18:00 BST. You will be able to watch the event live via YouTube and Twitch channels.


Get your hype pants ready if you’re a Ubisoft fan. Only time will tell what new games will they bring. New Just Dance? Viking-themed Assassin’s Creed? Or maybe something that will leave the army of Far Cry fans at awe? In any case, we can be sure that games such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Beyond Good and Evil 2 will get additional details.

Ubisoft conference will kick off on Monday, June 10th, 13:00 PT / 16:00 ET / 21:00 BST. Here are your YouTube and Twitch links for the stream.

Square Enix

Square Enix made their debut on E3 stage last year and it wasn’t great. However, we might expect that awesomeness comes with experience and the second attempt might be better. How much better? Well, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Marvel’s The Avengers have already been confirmed. And that’s only pre-show announcements…

Square Enix conference starts on Monday, June 10th, 18:00 PT / 21:00 ET / 02:00 BST. it will be streamed live on the publisher’s webpage.


The last but not least is Nintendo with their special Nintendo E3 2019 Direct stream. As always – nobody knows what to expect from Nintendo but our money is on the recently announced Nintendo games such as Super Mario Maker 2, new Pokemon games and so on. We’ll probably get some cool Nintendo Switch ports as well.

Nintendo Direct is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12th, 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST. The best place to watch the conference is a special E3-dedicated website.