Games as TV series format is growing in popularity. Just last week, we’ve announced a new show about Final Fantasy XIV. This week Doom is walking the same path. USA Network, an American TV company has ordered a pilot episode for Masters of Doom.

In case you didn’t know, Masters of Doom is a non-fiction book written and released in 2003 by David Kushner (one of the editors of Rolling Stone magazine). The book depicts a story of id Software and its co-founders John Romero and John Carmack as they create the popular FPS game Doom.

Reportedly, the show will be produced by Ramona Films, The Gotham Group, and Universal Content Productions. For those who didn’t know, Ramona Films is a production company owned by Dave and James Franco, The Gotham Group made their name known by producing The Maze Runner film series, while Universal Content Productions latest works include Mr. Robot and The Umbrella Academy. The show’s script will be written by Tom Bissel. He’s known for his works on Batman: Arkham Origins, and Battlefield Hardline.

Currently, there is no approximate release date for the show, it’s not even clear whether it will get greenlit after the pilot. However, we’re hopeful. The book received a lot of positive feedback back in a day and it would be interesting to see it adapted to a TV series. Doom fans would love that, wouldn’t they?