After a controversial announcement back in BlizzCon 2018, we haven’t heard much about the upcoming Diablo Immortal game. It’s not hard to see why… Back then, Blizzard received a lot of criticism for not announcing Diablo 4. Diablo Immortal became a meme, so Blizzard decided to play it safe during BlizzCon 2019. There, Diablo IV was finally revealed while the mobile game was swept under the rug. However, the game wasn’t forgotten – last week Blizzard and NetEase showed some new Diablo Immortal gameplay footage.

The new trailer was shown during China’s biggest video game convention called ChinaJoy. It featured new models, the game’s UI, six character classes, and the main villain of the game Baal, who was also the one we tried to defeat in Diablo II. Here’s the trailer:

It’s worth pointing out that this is only a censored version of the game since the trailer had to be adjusted to comply with local law. We hope that we’ll get an uncensored version of Diablo Immortal’s gameplay footage sometime in the future.

To our disappointment, the new Diablo Immortal gameplay trailer didn’t reveal any release planned dates. Back in the day, Blizzard and NetEase were hoping to release the game’s beta sometime in mid-2020. Now it seems that the game might not be ready for this and those who are waiting for the opportunity to play Diablo on their mobile devices will have to wait a bit longer. In any case, it’s nice to see the progression of development and we hope that we won’t need to wait 2 more years until we get to try Diablo Immortal ourselves.

Waiting can be easier if you’ll decide to replay old Diablo games. After all, Baal can be slain in Diablo II too. Be sure to check out our deals!