From Software is a game development company that has produced some of the very best hack and slash RPG games ever. Another one of them, named Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is being released this March. This means right now is high time to remember the best that the developer has provided, and what better way to do that than reading up on a Dark Souls 3 guide and getting straight into the game itself right after!

It could be argued that Dark Souls 3 is one of the best, if not the absolute best game in its genre, therefore, there is no better way to get prepared for the action in the new release. And it is only fitting that you do so with a game by From Software, as they are known for developing games that are not only fun to play but are also some of the most challenging hack and slash games in the industry today!

Get all the information you need in this Dark Souls 3 guide for beginners and dive right in the challenging, intense action within a legendary game!

Know your weapon arts

Each weapon within the game has a special attack known as a weapon art. Not only are those attacks powerful, but they also serve a unique purpose and can be essential in combat when used correctly. Every weapon art is unique, meaning that no other weapon in the game will have the same ability as the one you’re wielding!

However, not all of those abilities are necessarily very useful and may not be fit for some situations that you encounter within the game. The first Dark Souls 3 guide tip – don’t waste them on an ability that does not serve its purpose, since weapon arts use focus points! Experiment with weapon arts and figure out where each of them works best, this will lead to the most effective use of your focus points!

Manage your stamina

That green stamina bar is there for a reason! It shows you how much you’ve got left in the tank and provides the possibility of planning out your attacks and defenses in the most efficient manner! It is absolutely essential to learn how to manage your stamina bar properly in order to master the game itself, as not having stamina when you most need it will land you in tricky situations!

This Dark Souls 3 guide tip also includes not carrying too much load in your equipment, as this will make you slow and will render your attack-dodging abilities pretty much useless! If you want to go heavy, raise your vitality by a bit!

Get boss weapons

Weapons are definitely a big part of the combat system in Dark Souls 3, therefore, why not go for the best ones out there? After defeating certain bosses, you will get an item by the name of Transposing Kiln. Once you have it, go back to the Firelink Shrine and talk to the malnourished-looking character sitting on one of the thrones. That’s where this Dark Souls 3 guide leads you to the NPC that exchanges your Kiln for a boss weapon of your choice!

Be aware that you will normally get a choice of items that you can make with a soul, once your choice is made, the others are out of the picture and cannot be made anymore, so be thoughtful about your picks!

Read item descriptions

This might sound boring to some, after all, it’s action and exploration you come to the game for, not reading! However, reading item descriptions is essential in the game! In fact, the descriptions themselves act as a separate Dark Souls 3 guide because they provide plenty of essential information! You will thank yourself for reading a description when it helps you make your way through the quest or helps you find a way to make your character stronger!

For example, knowing what certain upgrades might do for your weapons is a must! While upgrades do add some attributes, they take away from others. Therefore, you don’t want the best scaling sword that you have lose it’s scaling ability because you used the wrong upgrade on it! You can use a shriving stone to undo the upgrade, however, if you follow this Dark Souls 3 guide, you shouldn’t need to! Remember, shriving stones can be pretty hard to come across!


This is by far the most important tip of all! After all, that’s what the game is all about! If you want to feel the true spirit of this marvelous game, it is on you to actually go out there and get to know the world that surrounds you! Sure, you can go out of the game, watch walkthroughs, and turn your gaming experience into a mechanical task. However, this makes you miss out on most of the fun that the game has to offer!

Therefore, this Dark Souls 3 guide is designed specifically so that you have a smooth transition into the game without hurting the fun you have once you boot the game itself! Is going out of your way land you in some dangerous situations? Without a doubt! But that’s part of the fun! Finding a neat new shortcut will feel even more rewarding when you actually found it yourself by exploring the surrounding area!

Talking to the NPC’s is also part of the exploration process and is very important! The NPC’s can often provide essential information on the next steps you should take in your quest or provide general knowledge on the area. Remember, this Dark Souls 3 guide is all about providing the most necessary information, the rest you can find for yourself! Way too many RPG players tend to avoid getting into dialog with NPC’s, however, it’s essential in Dark Souls 3, so try to get as much out of them as possible!

There you go! That’s all you should need in order to get yourself into playing one of the greatest RPG adventures to ever be created! Should you forget any of the tips above, simply come back to this Dark Souls 3 guide for a quick check and dive straight back into the experience! Happy gaming!