Yesterday we wrote an article about Cuphead coming to PlayStation 4. Seems like the leaks were true and from here on now you can purchase the game from PlayStation Store. However, right after these leaks were made public, many Cuphead fans who bought the game on Xbox started a comment thread talking about fake promises and how they were left behind… Surprise! Studio MDHR has plans for its early adopters as well.

Studio MDHR made a promise to treat all of the community who purchased the game on Xbox One much earlier and promised to gift some special content. This new update will include a digital art gallery, behind-the-scenes commentary, and a soundtrack album. However, you won’t get your rewards anytime soon.

Here’s what Studio MDHR says about this new content batch in their official page:

“When we first set out to make Cuphead, we were just a tiny team of two brothers working nights and weekends on a small passion project. It is thanks to the support of the dedicated folks at Microsoft that we were able to achieve our vision for the game, and thanks to the passion of the Xbox community that Cuphead found an audience.

So, to celebrate the wonderful players who believed in us from the very beginning, we’re also making another announcement: we will be bringing a free Special Update to Cuphead fans on Xbox, which will add a digital art gallery, behind-the-scenes commentary features, and playable soundtrack to the game. This update is still in the early planning stages, and we’ll be taking the time to get things just right, but we will be sure to share more when we have something for you that meets the level of care and quality we always strive for.”

All we can say is that we hope to get some more in-game content similar to what was promised with Delicious Last Course DLC. A few exclusives and free levels for Xbox users would surely help to settle the community.