Who is the main character in Jedi: Fallen Order?

As the playable character, Cal Kestis sure deserves the title of the protagonist. He was a padawan – Jedi in training – and in Jedi: Fallen Order is trying to forget his past and move on with his life because any other path spells death. And he may have succeeded, if not the need to save one of his newfound friends. This act of kindness ripped Cal out of the timid peace, leaving him on the run from the Empire. Now, as one of the survivors of Order 66, Cal must rely on his training to save himself and those he holds dear.

When and where Jedi: Fallen Order takes place?

The game’s timeline is sometime after the third movie in the prequel trilogy, Revenge of the Sith. Jedi: Fallen Order explores the impact that Order 66 had on the universe – the clone army was sent to kill all the Jedi, thus destroying the force-users of the light side entirely. The location, however, is not as definite as the timeline – Cal Kestis is meant to traverse the galaxy, searching for a way to bring the order back, so it’s safe to assume we will see plenty of locations – and not all of them will be pleasant. One of the officially confirmed planets, though, is Bracca. This is where Cal works as a rigger to keep up his disguise during Jedi: Fallen Order’s first act.

Who are the main antagonists in the newest release?

Empire is the great evil force that looms over the entire series. However, in a more concrete manner, the game’s main antagonist is Second Sister Inquisitor. This dedicated and fierce hunter of force-sensitives will try to find and eliminate the player every chance she can get. What’s more: Second Sister is the apprentice of Darth Vader, which increases her danger meter up to 11.

And if that is not enough, there is the added threat of elite Jedi hunters. According to the narrative of Jedi: Fallen Order, these soldiers form a group called the Purge Troopers. Think of them like super-secret special forces, since they try to stay away from the public eye and offer support to the Inquisitors. Therefore you – and Cal – will have your work cut out for you.

Will Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have an open world?

No. However, the access to exploration is still there, it’s just not the type of exploration one could expect in an open-world game. It was confirmed that the title will use Metroidvania level design, which means that you can explore the greatly designed areas to your heart’s content, but you may also face locked doors or inaccessible locations.

Jedi: Fallen Order takes inspiration from the classical (yet beloved) level designs and thus encourages the player to come back to previously visited parts once they advance with their powers. As you go through the story, your ability to bend the Force to aid your movements will evolve and therefore new content and rewards will be available if you are brave enough to search.

Will Jedi: Fallen Order have microtransactions?

Despite being released by EA – knowing their history with microtransactions – the game promises not to have any microtransactions. The main reasoning behind this decision is that Jedi: Fallen Order is single-player oriented. You will play a solo story, and so far, there has been no online play mode announced, which limits the need for microtransactions. Of course, we have no way to know what the future holds, but for now, there are no in-game purchases.

Will we be able to choose between the Light and Dark sides?

Unfortunately, no. The game presents its story as the adventure of Cal Kestis, former padawan and novice Jedi. This automatically places you on the Light side. It may not satisfy everyone, but it goes well with the plot of Jedi: Fallen Order. After all, it might be hard to sell the idea of Dark side’s Jedi padawan – a bit confusing, no? And thus, we have a very proper and dedicated Light protagonist, all in order to increase engagement and keep the players as invested in the fate of the Jedi as Cal himself is. 

Will the game have Lightsaber upgrade system?

Upgrades in terms of making it lighter or make its hits harder and other similar options have not been confirmed. However, this does not mean that the Lightsabers are set in stone. You see, Jedi: Fallen Order will have the option to change the Lightsaber’s colour and you may even get new hilt designs! Because of lack of microtransactions, it is safe to assume that whatever you’ll need to redesign the saber, you’ll be able to gather during numerous adventures. So, get to exploring, collect Kyber Crystals and create a weapon worthy of praise!

Is Cal Kestis an alien?

It depends… He can very well be considered an alien to us, as he comes from the galaxy far far away! But otherwise, Cal is classified as human. This was the decision that Jedi: Fallen Order developers had to make. While alien species might look amazing, the choice to keep the protagonist as a human was made in order to increase engagement. The player should feel connected to the character he controls, and when you play as Force wielding tentacle monster, it might be hard to put yourself in the character’s shoes.

On which platforms will you be able to play Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

The confirmed platforms are Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Origin launcher will be needed to access the personal computer version since the game is being distributed by EA. Jedi: Fallen Order, unfortunately, offers no availability to Nintendo Switch. However, we must keep in mind that this can change in the future. Plenty of games migrate and expand their platform capacity, and only time will tell where the newest Star Wars title might go!

All in all, the game aims to tell a story of the fall of Light side, focusing more on the character drives and motivations, giving it a personal touch. With the latest Star Wars games being aimed towards the larger scope and grand battles, this focused approach seems refreshing to say the least. Jedi: Fallen Order characters, story, and gameplay is well worth the investment and if you consider buying this piece, we offer quite the deal for it. The newest Star Wars video game launches on November 15, 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited.