About a month ago Electronic Arts revealed their plans to revive the legendary Command & Conquer series. However, players won’t get a new game. Instead, they will be able to play completely revamped classics – Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert. These news came as a surprise, since few years back EA said that they have no intention to remaster any of their old series. So what has changed their mind?

To unravel this mystery we should note that a couple of their latest instalments to the Command & Conquer series wasn’t well received. Just a month back, players got to play Command & Conquer: Rivals, which was widely criticized by players for being available only on mobile. PC players were waiting for the new game for years – the latest, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight was released in 2010 and was an average at best.

However, even the lamest of entries in the series didn’t scare away the loyal fans, who to this day regard C&C as one of the most influential RTS games of all time. So EA had to make a choice – ignore the fans and put all their effort into a new game which might also fail, or revive the classics that worked like magic back in the day. Company picked the safest route.

To get players more excited about the reboot, EA decided to bring back the original team. The remastered versions will be done by Petroglyph Games, a studio created by former Westwood (originator of the Command & Conquer series) employees.

These are awesome news for the fans of the series, however little is known about the release date. Team admittedly reported that they haven’t yet started the full-scale development process so the game can still be years away. On the positive note, the team is currently gathering feedback and suggestions from the fans on Reddit, so you as well can pitch your wildest ideas for the upcoming remaster.