What is Code Vein?

Code Vein is an ARPG (action role-playing game) by Bandai Namco. Code Vein Steam release was inspired by the Souls series. This title marks the developer’s intent to once again breach into the sub-genre. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future of our own world. The cities were destroyed, humanity is near extinction, and the immortal revenants (basically vampires) who live off of blood are trapped in the territory called Vein.

They need blood to survive, and with the shortage of food, many revenants have become Lost. The player is tasked to get to the heart of the conflict, figure out what happened and how to get out of the constant fight for survival. Code Vein Steam release has a unique art-style which definitely stands out from the crowd. The game boasts a unique mix of anime style and the semi-realistic looks, creating a distinct but pleasant aesthetics. With plenty of gameplay innovation, options in combat and awesome mechanics, the upcoming title is definitely worth your consideration.

Will Code Vein have character creation?

We have tremendous news! Yes, Code Vein will let you create your own character. Not only that, but the customization options include more than just the face. You will be able to select gender – male or female – and pick the style accordingly. Code Vein Steam release also offers fully alterable color scheme. Pre-set options are also available, for those who just want to get straight into the action. But if you want to personalize your character even further, a wide variety of clothing is yours to choose from! Accessories and makeup also come included in the list, therefore amongst other things, you’ll also have to decide if you want your protagonist to have some face paint on too.

Will Code Vein be like Dark Souls?

Well, the game was developed to be a kind of spiritual successor to Souls franchise, so Code Vein Steam release can safely be compared to Dark Souls. Maybe not much in style since Code Vein leans towards the Japanese roots and the influence of peculiar anime style is felt all throughout, however, the title will still offer a relentless Souls-like games experience.

Let’s review some of the similarities. First up, the game is hard. It only has one difficulty and you can’t lower it if you find some boss kicking your ass. Just grind your teeth and grind through it! But do not worry about your progression too much! Much like in Souls, Code Vein Steam release promises its players places to rest and reset the map. This helps for your survival but also revives the monsters.

And speaking of monsters, they are not just your average punching bags. They are equally as relentless as in Dark Souls, so prepare accordingly. And if you engage, keep an eye out for your stamina count, as it’s a valuable asset that tends to run out just when you need it the most. Once you lose and get skewered by a stray blade… well, you drop all of your level currency! Code Vein Steam release is designed for peculiar challenges, endearing challenges if you will. However, much like in Dark Souls games, you can always try to run back to the place of your demise and in the hopes to recover your lost items!

The combat system in Code Vein?

Ah, combat is often a tricky topic. We want it to be challenging, yet something we can still master. It should be intricate, yet simple enough to understand. Well, Code Vein aims to satisfy all of those. And in order to help you better prepare for Code Vein Steam release, we will lay down the essentials. The backbone of the combat is the Blood Code. Think of it as the traditional class system.

Blood code

Once you select your Blood Code, you can work on unlocking their specific Gifts, and believe us when we say this – there are plenty of gifts to look forward to. The best part as you advance is that you will be able to switch between the Codes at will, giving your character a unique battle system. So, if you see something is not working, you can try another approach, without being backed into a corner.

Blood Veil

Another important aspect is the Blood Veil. With Code Vein Steam release, you will experience that this ability can serve as both your armor and attack skill – yes, it might be confusing at first, but it all works. It is related to blood acquisition from the enemies (blood is needed for Gift usage) and comes in four somewhat distinct types: Ogre, Stringer, Hound, and Ivy. They provide separate approaches to the combat, with short or long attacks and a different number of affected enemies. 

Focus System

No less important than attack is the defense. With this in mind, the game has a Focus system – the more you evade and dodge, the more your Focus increases. It’s a peculiar reward system unique for Code Vein Steam release and others. Once enough Focus is charged, you get a boost to your attack – it functions a bit like a temporary buff. But be careful – this risk-and-reward gamble is not for you alone. The enemy also has the Focus bar. Additionally, the Lost might also try to ambush the player, leaping from behind some crates or around the corner. So, be vigilant and ready to dodge!

Will Code Vein have multiplayer?

In a way. As of this moment, there is no wide version that we could classify as a multiplayer. Code Vein Steam release will come with a co-op mode, where you will be able to team up with your friend to overcome enemies and bosses. However, nothing beyond that just yet. If you want to have a solo game and fear the first boss might eat you alive, Code Vein has your back. In the game, you will have an NPC companion that will provide help on the battlefield, help you withstand attacks or even leap into the fray together with you. Basically, a friend without the hassle of dealing with another person!

When does Code Vein come out?

The set date for Code Vein Steam release is September 27, 2019. Currently, you can grab a pre-order and secure your ticket to a brilliant and unique anime-Souls example – with plenty of gameplay and combat mechanics, it will impress both the action RPG fans and those who wish to invest in a captivating example of an unprecedented story and lore. Who knows, this might be the start of a whole new sub-sub-genre! If you’re interested in snatching this piece for a compelling price, we have an offer worthy of your visit. Glance below and go right to our digital games store.