You’re stuck, aren’t you? Otherwise, why would you be here? Nobody here is passing any judgment and the reality is that most people in competitive Overwatch are stuck to their rank and struggle climbing any further. One thing is for sure – there’s always room to climb, and that’s what this Overwatch guide is here for!

Well, unless you’re a Grandmaster already but in that case, what is it you’re doing reading this?

How many times have you found yourself quietly, or very loudly, blaming your team for losing the game or throwing a fight? It’s okay to get frustrated sometimes but the truth behind it all is way too often the fact that you’re not doing everything you could as well. There are plenty of things you could be doing differently to increase your win rate.

The aim of this Overwatch guide is not only to teach you new tips and tricks but also to remind you of things you already knew and sometimes stating the obvious just to make sure we’re not missing out on anything. Hopefully, this will be the start of your journey towards the higher ranks!

Know your role

The importance of knowing your role could not be stressed enough. First of all, pick a role that you like, choose a couple of heroes and learn them really well. If there was only one tip I could give in this Overwatch guide, this would be it.

You would be surprised how much the win rate increases once a player has played more than 50 games with a champion when compared to the first 20 or so games with the hero. If you haven’t gotten familiar with the roles yet, here’s a short intro:

Damage/DPS – everything you need to know is in the name. These heroes are all about doing damage to the enemy.

Tank – this is the beefiest of all roles, head out to the front lines and be the initiator. Main Overwatch guide tip on tanks – always be in the front line.

Support – stay in the back lines and make sure the fights go to plan, heal your allies and provide the required boosts to win. You’re not in charge of getting the kills, just help out your team!

I know that playing DPS sounds like the most fun but believe me, all of the roles are equally rewarding when you play them right. However, If you do decide to main DPS, learn at least one or two heroes from other roles, as you may often have to fill in!

Warm up

I know, I know, it has been a long day and you want to get straight to the action, right? That’s fine if you play just for fun, however, that’s not what this Overwatch guide is here for. You need to warm up if you want to see your wins increase. Simply play an arcade game or two before you get into the competitive stuff, this way you will get all of your mechanics crisp and ready to go for some serious gaming!

This is a must if you want to win more and will lead to instant results, especially if you usually start your day off with a couple of losses in a row. The reason for that may be very simple, and no, it’s not your team being garbage. It’s way too likely that your mechanics are simply off and you need to have them ready. This Overwatch guide tip ought to bring your wins up from the get-go, so why not try?

Stop jumping so much!

Jumping up and down all the time is a habit a lot of players get into. It transitions from the FPS games where doing so is actually beneficial. DO NOT DO THIS IN OVERWATCH! You may think that this makes you harder to aim at, but it is actually doing the opposite.

Jumping up and down provides a pattern of movement that is very easy to predict which means you’re much easier to hit that way. If there’s one Overwatch guide tip to give here, it’s this – try moving side to side, this makes your movements far less predictable and you will be able to dodge a lot of the damage that you otherwise wouldn’t.

Don’t waste your ultimate

It is tempting to use your most powerful ability to secure a kill but is it really worth it? If you’re using your ultimate by itself – it’s a waste! Use the ultimate abilities in combination with the rest of your team to unleash the full power of your team-fighting ability. If you want this Overwatch guide to lead you into winning more games, stop using your ultimate every time you have it. Wait for every teammate to have their ultimate ready and if you do it just right, you may win a fight that seemed to be lost!

Stop blaming your team

You are the only constant in all of your games and no, you’re not getting worse teammates than anyone else either. If you’re losing too much, it’s likely you are the weak link! Focus on your own game instead of trying to make yourself feel better by saying that it is the team screwing you over.

While an Overwatch guide that will help you win 100% of your games does not exist, you can definitely increase your winning percentage just by focusing on yourself. Don’t get too carried away if your teammates are not doing too well and try to do your part as good as you can. You should start winning more games pretty soon after you realize that nobody else is responsible for climbing up the competitive ranks, it’s all about you.

If you follow all the tips in this Overwatch guide and keep on trying to get better with every game you play, it is inevitable for you to start wreaking the benefits of your hard work and hopefully, you will reach the high rank that you’ve been working at for all this time!