Seems like no game has immunity against the trend of battle royale. The creators of critically acclaimed strategy game Civilization VI, Firaxis, has announced that the title is getting a new update called Red Death which adds battle royale to the game. After a nuclear fallout Earth is no longer habitable so the remaining civilizations have to fight in order to reach the last remaining spaceship and escape the planet to start a new life somewhere else. What the hell did Gandhi do to this world?!

Civilization VI: Red Death is a free update for the game which includes a new set of rules for the civilizations of the game. Red Death can accommodate up to 12 players on a map and each player will get a set of units out of a variety of new post-apocalyptic factions. Like every other battle royale game, Civilization VI: Red Death features shrinking game area where only a single player will be able to survive.

At first, the players will have to explore and encounter camps of raiders, post-apocalyptic cities in order to gain XP, new units and powerful weapons. Later on, as the play area shrinks, you will encounter other players, so the diplomacy won’t be of much use here.

Civilization VI: Red Death is already available for PC players as a part of free September update. However, Nintendo Switch players won’t get to experience this new mode. At least for now.