The PlayStation platform hardly needs any introduction. With the console celebrating its 25th anniversary just recently, it’s known throughout the world along with its rich history and a wide selection of amazing games, which include multiple exclusive franchises that by themselves serve as a reason to own a PlayStation console. Because of that, Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers are worth serious consideration. Even though purchasing keys of individual PS4 games is not possible, here are various useful workarounds that are essential to know when shopping for the holiday season!

Fortnite content for the PS4

Considering the popularity of Fortnite, it won’t be a miss to get a PS4 owner some awesome in-game Fortnite content for Christmas. The infamous battle royale developed and published by Epic Games is, of course, free to play but it does feature an abundance of purchasable content like skins, that can serve as great Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers. Especially considering the Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle that features the Frostbite outfit, Freezing Point Back Bling, Chill-Axe Pickaxe, and Cold Front Glider – all of which perfectly suit the winter holiday theme. To top it all off this bundle also includes 1000 V-Bucks!

However, the Deep Freeze Bundle is far from the only piece of Fortnite content available for gamers who prefer to enjoy this title on the PS4. There’s a large variety of cosmetics, emotes, weapons and gear that serve as perfect Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers of Fortnite. In the end, the purchasable Fortnite content bundles include the in-game currency of V-Bucks which provide the gift receivers with the freedom to choose what they personally find fancy.

Time extensions and DLC

Fortnite players are not the only ones who can enjoy additional content on the PS4 platform by receiving key codes. Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG installment in the popular and long-running JRPG series, and this game is also available on the PS4. Not only that, there are even talks about the potential Final Fantasy XIV release on PlayStation 5! Final Fantasy XIV time extension is among the best Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers available for purchase in a form of a key code, along with DLC for other games such as the Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Upgrade.

PlayStation Now subscriptions

Still bumped up over the fact that you can’t buy PS4 game keys? No need to be, as there are great alternatives like the PlayStation Now subscription which offers access to over 700 games! What is a PlayStation Now you might ask? The short answer – it’s a streaming service that allows the user to play a large multitude of PS2, PS3 and PS4 titles. The person using the service will have access to it for as long as the subscription is valid. So how about 700 games as Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers?

For most games available on the PlayStation Now service there are to options offered: download and streaming. The PS Now subscriber can broadcast one of the games in the available collection directly to their PS4 and play the game immediately, without waiting for installation or even using the space available on their console. Alternatively, the games can be downloaded. This requires disk space on the PS4 but it might help to avoid broadcasting latency is such a thing is ever encountered.

PlayStation Network gift cards

Probably the most obvious option when it comes to Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers is the PlayStation Network gift card. There are many gift cards available for purchase, each of them having a different value or being available for use in different regions. A PS4 owner can use the gift card to increase the value of their own PSN account.

Another option is to use it for its original purpose in mind and give the PSN gift card to someone as a present. The digital storefront that is the PlayStation Network offers a multitude of different products and services such as video games, TV shows, subscriptions, and add-ons just to name a few. Therefore, a PSN card is one of the best Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers as it provides access to any of these products and services to the person who receives it.

One of the best things about gift cards, in general, is the fact that you are free from choosing a specific gift for a person you have in mind, in turn avoiding the chance to get something wrong. Speaking about reduced risks, if PS4 owners use the funds in their PlayStation Network account they avoid all the risks and dangers related to typing card details into the system. The PSN card is a simple, straight to the point option when it comes to Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers and that’s exactly why it always works as a present!

PS Plus subscriptions

Nothing can realize the full potential of the PlayStation 4 platform like the PS Plus subscription! Probably one of the most relevant features that the PS Plus provides gamers access to the multiplayer mode of PS4 video games. PS Plus subscription allows players to join the world-wide PlayStation community that is made up of millions of PS4 fans from around the globe. On top of that PS4 gamers get the chance to try out an advanced multiplayer matchmaking system for the maximum fun and most engaging multiplayer gaming experience.

More reasons why PS Plus subscription is among the best Christmas gifts for PS4 gamers? How about 2 free games each month? And these are not some throwaways but critically acclaimed triple-A titles that will allow enjoying the PS4 to the fullest! In addition, PS Plus provides 100 GB of cloud space and even subscriber-exclusive discounts for games, services and other products featured on the PlayStation Network!

Prepare for the Christmas season with ease!

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