While the heat outside is melting the thermometers, cozy up inside, grab a cold drink, a controller of your choice, and a cheap game you can pick up from our games under 10 collection. Don’t get spooked, cheap price doesn’t mean they’re bad! But the only proof we can offer for this statement is for you to explore the collection yourself.

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Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa first came out back in 2014 and yet, the game isn’t losing its popularity or the player base. It’s actually quite the opposite. The racing simulator keeps attracting new audiences thirsty for immersive and realistic driving simulation. And what a simulation it is! Assetto Corsa by many loyalists is titled as one, if not, THE best car driving and racing simulators in the market, yet to be toped by other franchises. 

Assetto Corsa

The game has expanded with numerous DLCs but the real charm lies in its loyal modding community. Being as good as it is, it’s no wonder fans keep supporting and improving the game. The base game is quite old, yes, especially visually (we’re talking 2014 here) but with the help of mods, if you have a powerful PC, you can upgrade the game to look photorealistic. Moreover, fans even created mods that expand the limited Assetto Corsa’s tracks into a wide-open world. 

Planet Zoo

Tycoon games used to be huge back in the early days of PC gaming, and it would seem the appeal and charm of the genre are not ready to die out yet. Planet Zoo will give you complete freedom to create and manage your personal zoo which is a dream come true for every gamer who loves management and simulation games as much as they love animals through various game modes. You’ll start with nothing and craft your dream zoo from scratch. The game offers freedom only limited by your own imagination.

Planet Zoo

By managing animals you not only spend a couple or many hours building your own zoo but also will learn a lot about more than 50 different animal species. A zoom-in mode will allow you to closely observe any and every animal in your zoo, and the zoopedia will tell you specifics about every animal species. Planet Zoo isn’t just a management game, it’s quite an informative learning experience, especially for those, who want to know more about the animal kingdom. Taking all things into consideration, it’s one of the best games the genre is offering.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

If your blood runs on competitive and tactical first-person shooters, there’s nothing quite like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Sure, the game may have had its problems when it first launched, but years later it has become an incredible experience that is played both in e-sports and casually with a band of friends. The Rainbow Six franchise seemed to lose its footing over the years and Siege marked the return to form for the beloved franchise with many returning gameplay features.

Rainbow Six Siege

You may be quick with the trigger and eagle-eyed through the gun scope, but going in with guns blazing in Siege won’t cut it. Success will require communication and planning among your teammates. There is a lot to learn in Siege and the game will require commitment, but those who are ready to invest time into the game will come out rewarded with one of the best tactical multiplayer shooters.

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