If you like MMORPG games you might’ve heard about Black Desert Online. Frankly, it’s hard to escape certain ads of the game. These ads made that game very popular and it boasts a massive audience on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, until this point, all the communities were separated between platforms and couldn’t play together. The developers of the game announced that soon this separation will come to an end.

Yesterday, Pearl Abyss shared a new video announcing a new cross-play feature coming to Black Desert Online. According to news, this feature should be implemented in 2 weeks on March 4th, allowing console players to party up and adventure together, or as developers say “Adventure As One”.

Black Desert Online was released on consoles last year, but as many games nowadays, it had hardware restrictions. PlayStation 4 players could only group with other PlayStation fans, Xbox One players with Xbox fans. And from now on you will be able to find friends from both sides of the spectrum. However, it’s worth noting that the PC version will still be separate from consoles.

This update might bring the attention to MMORPG fans who were looking for a true cross-play MMORPG experience. Moreover, Pearl Abyss promised that even more cool features are coming to the game in the future – maybe even a cross-play between consoles and PC. It’s nice to see the developers working hard on making the game better. Just 2 years ago Pearl Abyss introduced a visual overhaul for Black Desert Online, so we can certainly see that the game promotes longevity.