In order to celebrate the launch, BioWare, the developer of recently released Anthem, has shared a roadmap, detailing upcoming content for the next three months. The roadmap titled ‘Act 1: Echoes of Reality’ breaks down upcoming content for each of the three upcoming months.

The first wave of new content should hit the live servers in March introducing a variety of new things to explore. Players can expect new items, a new Mastery progression system and a lot of Freeplay events.

Early Access players already have had an opportunity to try one of the so-called Freeplay events called Outlaw Outrage, which enabled Outlaw faction spread in the whole Freeplay map. By completing a variety of challenges in the world, players could earn loot, XP and other rewards.

According to BioWare, these Freeplay events will be a constant in the game’s world, in February alone there’s three – already mentioned Outlaw Rage, upcoming There Be Giants, and Sharper Surge. In March, Anthem players will get two more, and in April – seven yet unraveled Freeplay events.

Echoes of Reality should culminate with the Cataclysm event starting in May. This one should bring some sort of conclusion, as the first act sets the tone for the upcoming Act 2. So far, Bioware has revealed that until the end of 2019 there are three huge Acts planned. Each will expand upon the story of the game and bring ‘tons of new content’ to explore.

All of this news makes us believe that Anthem might be setting its path for redemption after a buggy launch. We’ll just have to wait and see how it’ll turn out.