Even years after the original release of The Sims 4 game, Maxis is still rolling out some new updates. The latest addition – the so-called modern job ethic, which allows your Sims to work from home. The free-of-charge freelancer update will become available for Mac and Windows PC players starting April 16th.

According to the news, the new career option will allow your sims to become writers, artists, or programmers and work from inside their beautifully constructed household. In order to begin a freelance career, sims will have to sign in to an agency which will help to get the assignments. You as a player will be responsible for their in-time completion. Naturally, you’ll be able to choose which assignments are worth the pickup and on which to take a day off, that is, if you feel like your sim deserves one.

The freelancer career option is not the first modern job choice added to The Sims 4 game. Since the previous expansion, Get Famous, your sims can already partake in the live streaming biz, while the even earlier update has provided all the right opportunities for your sims to pursue fame and become influencers.

In addition to the new ways to play, the April update brings a bunch of new goodies to the game, including new outfits, new furnishings and much more. Furthermore, April update brings keyboard and mouse support for the console players, however, the in-game content won’t be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for quite some time.

Much more new things are coming to The Sims 4 in the future – with a likely possibility of even more new expansions in the upcoming 6 months. You can get familiar with The Sims 4 news by watching the Maxis April Monthly stream recording here.