Yesterday, EA has announced that their first-person shooter game Battlefield V will soon get a new update called Chapter 5: War in the Pacific. The new free update drops tons of new content including new maps, new factions, more weapons, and new vehicles. And it’s coming sooner than expected – Battlefield V’s Chapter 5: War in the Pacific deploys on October 31st.

Let’s begin with new maps. Well, not entirely new – Iwo Jim, Pacific Storm, and Wake Island (available in December) will be familiar to fans of the series while bringing plenty of new stuff into the game. According to the developers, all three maps will have plenty of combat options for any play style. Iwo Jima will feature battles across wide-open black beaches and close-range environments like the tunnels of the mighty Mount Suribachi, inviting you to an iconic king-of-the-hill battle, while Pacific Storm will allow players to move between various small islands using boats, amphibious tanks, and aircrafts. Wake Island’s debut is scheduled a bit later, but it might be one of the most famous Battlefield series’ maps of all time, so you know what you can expect.

Believe it or not, with Chapter 5: War in the Pacific, for the first time in the game, we’ll get a chance to control the American forces. The ones opposing them are the Imperial Japanese Army, so you’ll be able to play as either of them. Each faction will have access to their own unique vehicles, weapons (which can be picked up by an enemy upon death) and two new Elites (Jack Culver for US forces and Keisuke Nakamura for the Japanese troops).

As always, the new update also brings tons of new items into the game. The most notable ones are the pickups – katana and M2 flamethrower. In addition to these, each class will get its own new weapon: Recon will get Type 99 Arisaka, Medics will deploy with Type 100, a Japanese SMG, while Supports will get a chance to set up M1919A6, a medium machine gun. A bit later, the list of weapons will expand even further and will add M3 Grease Gun, Nambu Type 2A, Type 97 LMG, and M1918 A2, too. Handed out as a Chapter Reward, the Jungle Carbine can be added to your arsenal, too – the same goes for the Type 94 and the Model 27 sidearms. Finally, Tides of War will expand the Assault class’s arsenal with an explosive gadget: the tank-busting Lunge Mine.

So, yeah… Battlefield V’s Chapter 5: War in the Pacific is definitely worth your while if you’re into war games. Best of all – it’s free! If you haven’t played Battlefield V, now might be the best time to start your catching up. Eneba has a nice price for the game.