Hello and welcome! If you are into the primordial era, survival, exploration, and collaboration, you’ve come to the right place as today we have prepared quite a few tips on how to start and successfully follow up on your ARK: Survival Evolved experience.

ARK island is not the friendliest of places for the naked, bald, defenceless, hungry, and thirsty creature one like yourself. Prepare to face numerous external and internal challenges from the very moment you wake up, however, don’t be afraid as once you’re finished with our ARK: Survival Evolved guide, your first steps will be but a walk in a breeze.

This small collection of tips has helped each of our survivalists tremendously, and we hope they will be of use to you as well. That being said, ARK is an unforgiving place even if you seem to know what’s going on, as the question of ‘how not to die’ should rather be formulated into ‘how not to die so much’, as the game offers plenty of opportunities to meet your maker!

ARK: Survival Evolved guide – server and starting location

Let’s begin dishing out our ARK: Survival Evolved guide tips from even before your survival adventure begins! Joining PvP, or PvE server is your number one concern. By choosing the PvE server (Player versus Environment) you assure yourself that the only thing that can threaten your well-being is the ARK world, and that’s enough of a challenge on its own. However, if you are feeling competent even without having a single clue about what you are getting into, take on the PvP server (Player versus Player) and enjoy facing against the world as well as all other blood-seeking survivalists out there!

Once you have chosen your type of challenge, we can continue the ARK: Survival Evolved guide! The next aspect to consider is your starting location! Bear in mind that you are washed up on the island completely naked, so the northern part if we apply some logic, is out of the question. Your starting location can make all the difference in the world, and so we whole-heartedly recommend the south coast as your number one ‘go to’ place. Even though the southern regions definitely house some fierce predators waiting to chomp on you, these regions are still way more beginner-friendly than that of their opposites.

ARK: Survival Evolved guide – baby steps

You open your eyes, and everything’s so bright and green, the world is majestic and beautiful! It is indeed, until you start sweating, lacking water, feeling hungry, and your stamina starts depleting dramatically. It’s not quite a fairy tale you’ve expected right? Don’t let these drag you down, as gathering berries will feed you, standing under the rain, or submerging into water will calm your thirst, and some adequate clothing will fight of the sweating problems! Whatever problem the ARK island decides to push on you, know this: there’s always a solution!

As far as our ARK: Survival Evolved guide is concerned, your very first steps are pretty straightforward, and from the moment you launch your adventure, you should have a preset plan. So, here’s a few notable elements! Levelling is of utmost importance in ARK, but everything you do grants XP, so let’s put it aside for now. Knowing your surroundings is also essential for a good start. Ensure that you’ll be able to hunt, forage, build, and of course, tame without getting ambushed or even worse, getting lost. Once you are comfortable with your whereabouts, crafting is the next essential part, start with a Pick, for now, it’s your one and only friend.

ARK: Survival Evolved guide – recipes

Recipes are recipes that with enough required materials gathered can be turned into items. These come in the form of Engrams and Blueprints. Engrams are unlockable as you level up, keep in mind that your character cannot learn all the in-game engrams on its own, choose your picks wisely. And if you’ll make some mistakes along the way don’t be harsh on yourself as the Mindwipe Tonic has the power to reset your points. We are not getting further into it, as if you’ll ever need it, you’ll be competent enough to acquire it on your own!

So, in our ARK: Survival Evolved guide we’ve explained that Engrams are those recipes you get by levelling, however, you’ll have to acquire blueprints in a different manner. The further into the exploration you go, the more often you’ll notice these huge beacons of light! They come in a variety of colours, and these are called ‘loot drops’, their colour indicates the level required to receive the goodies! The goodies these drops contain include weapons, resources, and Blueprints. Naturally, the higher the required level, the better the loot received. Expect some bloody massacres in the loot drop zones if you’ve chosen to participate in the PvP server!

ARK: Survival Evolved guide – crew, tribe, family!

Survival of the fittest is ever-so-true, however, survival by the numbers is even more so the case! Tribes play a major part in this primordial experience and our ARK: Survival Evolved guide provides numerous reasons on why you should join one!

Shared XP: if you are within 100 metres or closer to one of your Tribe fellows, you’ll get some nice bonus XP.

Hunting parties: being able to execute a load of beasts in a single coordinated sweep is not only satisfactory but extremely rewarding as well!

Sharing is Caring: tribes usually have immense fortresses as they are collectively building a united stronghold, tribe members are also keen on sharing information, items, and dinosaurs with one another!

Quality in Quantity: ARK: Survival Evolved is not just about taming the dinosaurs, it’s also about facing them, fighting them, and beating them! A lone wolf will never be able to go 1 on 1 against some of the fiercest end-game bosses, whilst a unified and coherent Tribe undoubtedly can.

Final notes

Our ARK: Survival Evolved guide has come to a close, hope the moment of your awakening will be as pleasant as the warm wind blowing on the southern coast of the map! If this awesome game isn’t in your possession yet, you can find it in our ENEBA Marketplace!

Facing a dinosaur is scary, riding a dinosaur is less scary, and having a dinosaur army under your command is somewhat relaxing!