For quite some time, Apex Legends fans were speculating about the new legend coming to the game, the new addition to the roster is called Crypto. Numerous leaks pointed towards him being a new playable character with some sort of hacker abilities. Now, we finally got a confirmation for its inevitable arrival.  A Reddit user named FrozenForh found Crypto in the game.

The new Apex Legends character was found inside Singh Labs in the Nesting Grounds area of Kings Canyon. Through the window, players can see Crypto hacking a computer terminal until his drone spots the player and the Crypto flees into the dark. You can find the Reddit thread here.

While the character isn’t playable yet, it’s the best confirmation of Crypto being the new legend we’ve gotten so far. The character was teased with the Season 2 trailer and in numerous other ways throughout the past few months. With Season 3 just around the corner, which is expected to arrive sometime in October, it might be about time to spill the beans. Who is this mysterious hacker, what is he trying to achieve? Seems like we’ll get our answers soon enough.