Apex Legends is a truly unique battle royale game that encourages players to work as a team. Instead of being a lone wolf fighting against numerous other participants, you have to work with your teammates to have even the slightest chance of achieving victory. Well, at least this was the case until the Iron Crown Collection Event. The newest attraction will bring a Solos mode to Apex Legends for a limited time.

The new event will run from August 13th until August 27th, so for two weeks, you can throw the thoughts about the teamwork out through the window. While it won’t be perfectly balanced as a lot of Legends’ abilities are designed to support others, while many others are also overpowered for a solo skill set – it’s all for good fun.

Fans of the game have been craving for the Solo mode since the inception of Apex Legends, but Respawn Entertainment always leaned towards teamwork. Now it’s a great chance to test the waters. Who knows, maybe Solos mode will return sometime in the future.